A well executed sound design can make a good production into a great one. But first and foremost, it takes understanding and empathy to make sure that your vision is being implemented exactly how you want it. We want to understand you and your players –  not just from a technical perspective, but with all the right feels!


The core motivation for what we do is, and always will be, passion for our industry. So believe us when we tell you that we understand that familiar feeling of getting excited about the Next Big Idea. For each project that comes along, we want to treat it with one part expertise, one part realism and 3 parts unicorns!


All the tea in China won’t do any good if you don’t have the boiling water! In other words, the thing that will harness all of that passion and empathy is expertise – and we’ve got that in bundles. In oodles, we tell you! It’s like the key to the car, the electricity to the bat signal or the secret spice in your aunt’s lasagne!
Sound back in the picture...
Hello! My name is Kian, and I’m the CEO and co-founder of Audiosign.

All of us here just love sound! Our slogan, to “put sound back in the picture”, is not just a play on words. Indeed, we mean it quite literally, as we have seen time and time again how our passion – sound design – usually end up at last priority in the studio budget.

We asked ourselves why. Then we asked around. The one reason we most often encounter is that while most creators understand the value of our craft, they’ve found the whole proces inaccessible and / or too demanding on a project which often has a limited time frame and a tight budget.

My answer to those concerns is usually: “Well, have you tried Audiosign?”

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Our Team

Kian Nis Klenø
Lead sales
Sebastian Felis
Sound designer / Composer
Mikkel Rohde
Go-to Freelancer
John H. Christensen
Story Lead

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